With the current pandemic completely reshaping the footballing landscape, many League One sides will have to make cutbacks and rethink their summer recruitment. With Cooper, Posh have a ready-made addition to their squad, adding quality in areas which will likely need reinforcements this summer.

He offers an attacking threat from wingback which none of Posh’s current options can match, although Posh may have to slightly alter their attacking approach to get the best out of him. His versatility would also add to the squad depth, he can play as a ‘10’, in a similar role to Marcus Maddison but with a greater off the ball work ethic, and he can operate as an orthodox or inverted winger in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. He has the potential to play a key role at the club next season, and Posh should do all they can to reintegrate him into the first team squad.

If he is to play as a left wing-back at a higher level then he must work on certain areas of his game defensively. His tactical awareness and positional sense in the role is poor, as a result he often allows opposition wingers space to get in behind.

Although a willing presser, when closing down he has a habit to lunge into challenges and lacks the awareness of knowing when to begin to slow his approach to delay the opposition. He can also be a bit slow to recover in defensive transitions, increasing the defensive demands on the left sided centreback and midfielder. This is in part due to the incredibly aggressive attacking position he takes in possession (akin to a left forward) and is a trade-off Plymouth are happy to make to get him on the ball in dangerous positions as often as possible, as his attacking output has far outweighed his defensive deficiencies this season.

On the ball he possesses very good technical ability and first touch. He is composed and press resistant, trusting his talent to get him out of dangerous positions. He possesses good passing range off both feet and is a genuinely creative threat, including from deep positions due to his ability to hit long, over the top through balls and passes. He is positive and direct in possession, always looking for ways to change the game in a single moment.

From the wing Cooper is a versatile and unpredictable threat. He can deliver off both feet, although he is better with his left, with which he crosses with good pace and curve. He is able to deliver early crosses from deep, beat his man to cross from nearer the byline or cut inside to hit an in-swinging cross/shoot. This unpredictability makes him difficult to contain. His delivery from set pieces is a big weapon. His corners and indirect free-kicks a delivered with the same pace and whip as his crosses and are generally put into dangerous areas. He is especially dangerous when hitting set pieces into central areas, although he has a habit to overhit corners aimed at the back post.