In the past 24 months, Posh have had three different managers. Grant McCann was sacked in February 2018 and replaced by Steve Evans, who himself was sacked 11 months later and replaced by current boss Darren Ferguson.

This in itself is not uncommon in football as the level of manager turnover remains incredibly high. According to the LMA, the average spell a manager has in charge of a side is between 1.1-1.2 years. The issue occurs, however, if there is no long term plan or philosophy for each manager to work towards or buy into, or when the new manager is not willing to work with and improve the majority of the playing squad.

At Posh, this is exactly what happened. When Posh changed from McCann to Evans they went from a manager who wanted to play a possession-based style, to one who wanted a physical, direct and counter-attacking side. 11 months later Posh then switched back to a manager who favours progressively building attacks from the back, in stark contrast to how Evans sets his sides up.

The different styles require players to have vastly different attributes and be able to fulfill contrasting roles. It is no surprise then that in the summer window of 2018 Posh signed 17 first team players, while this summer Ferguson signed 11 new players. Of the 17 players Evans signed in the summer of 2018, only five remain involved with the first team. That number also includes Aaron Chapman, who is transfer listed and was recently sent on an emergency loan to Tranmere Rovers.

To his credit, McAnthony backed all three men, but the decision to allow Evans, and then Ferguson, to so dramatically change Posh’s style of play, with no apparent long term plan in place, must definitely be questioned.